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Manager & Babysitter

Karen has been with 30A Babysitter for 5 years now. She started off as a very part-time babysitter and now is the manager and still a babysitter. She is also a nanny for a local family starting when the girl was 6 and the boy just turned one, he is almost 3 now.

She has a history full of experiences and life lessons to be shared. She began babysitting when she was 12 years old for neighbors. She also helped her mother in her 4 year old Sunday School class, as well as had her own class during vacation bible school for several weeks in the summers.

Karen has been a teacher in a daycare, nannied 3 times - once beginning with a 2 month old and another for a 14 year old. She has taken extensive childcare courses at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and has a natural ability with children.

She spent 10 years living in national parks where she developed many more skills.

Karen went to college in Minnnesota for Visual Communications with an emphasis in advertising. She excelled and graduated with disguised honors. Arts and crafts is one of her favorite activities to do with kids! She loves to read with children and watch their eyes light up when a book comes alive to them.


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