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Golden Dots


30a babysitters

"Premier sitters definitely blew the rest out of the water. We got taken care of in a timely manner even though we called the same day. I can understand it could be hard to find someone at last minute but they did it! ... the sitter we had came fully prepared and treated our 8 month old dearly!"

— Kelsey Jorgensen

Payment is Easy!

All payments are made through Square Point of Sale. Payments are always secure and you will receive a receipt.


If you loved your service, tips are very much appreciated. Our staff provides a wonderful service. Babysitters are customarily tipped from 18% - 25%. 

There is automatic gratuity of 20% assigned to bookings of 6 or more children, when checks are split and/or when there are two sitters.

About Our Tea

We are more than a group of individuals, we truly are a team. We work together to provide amazing care and we help each other out every day. There is open communication between all of us in our virtual office. 

Each sitter has been interviewed in person, submitted a resume, and is chosen based on meeting minimum experience requirements and personality. We often work together with large groups and events. We also communicate with each other daily in our virtual office.

All sitters are 20 or older, Pediatric CPR certified, Background checked, and have a minimum of three years of professional childcare experience. They can all act as lifeguards while children swim in pools or in the Gulf.


We love to participate in fun activities while we are watching children! Hiking, biking, swimming*, as well as, indoor games, arts and crafts are things we are prepared for when we arrive. 


We want your vacation sitter to be the best in the industry and a perfect fit for your family. We offer very competitive salaries and guaranteed bookings. We know that compensating sitters well and safeguarding their schedules keeps a team that parents can rely on.

* Swimming activities must be appropriate for the age and skill level of each individual child along with their temperament. Based on these factors we may decide at any time to withhold or cease swimming activities.

**During the hottest months of the year (typically but not limited to June, July, August) we may limit beach activities according to local heat advisories or based on the heat index. Our staff are working while on the beach and often don't have time to cool off by enjoying a break in the water or shade, eat, or drink which all can lead to dangerous health consequences for people who work outdoors. This does not apply to pools except on a very limited case by case basis 

*** We will not attend or participate in beach activities under red flag conditions or during Red Tide.

Cancelations Happen


We understand sometimes cancelations happen and you can cancel anytime up to 24 hours prior to your booked time without penalty. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged at 50% of agreed booking time. An invoice will be sent to client. If the client does not pay the invoice the sitter will not be canceled. We can work with families who need to rearrange their schedule in order to keep their booking.


We will waive the cancelation fee if you have a doctor's note for anyone listed on your 

booking. Please refer to our full terms and conditions to see how we protect our team from last

minute cancelations. 


Our full terms and conditions are listed on each service by clicking the "Read More" link. You must read and agree to bookYou will also receive an emailed copy of the full terms and conditions once you have made your booking. 

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our terms and conditions simply be reaching out to us. 

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