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Service Description

Schedule a 1 hour interview with Jennifer after filling out the online application form

Policies, Terms & Conditions

Our booking Calendar is set to our local time, in the Central Time zone. Your email confirmation may automatically adjust to your timezone, that is an email setting on your device and does not change the time you selected on our site. Our 2023 rates Per Sitter Scheduled: 1 child $29.50 an hour 2 kids $31.50 3 kids $33.50 4 kids $35.50 5 kids $37.50 6 kids $39.50 7 kids $41.50 8 kids $43.50 9 kids $45.50 All payments to 30A Babysitters are securely processed through Square Point of Sale and must be done with a Credit or Debit Card when you return home. For large events, payment will be made to each sitter individually. There is automatic gratuity of 20% assigned to bookings of 6 or more children, when checks are split and/or when there are two sitters. If you need to add additional children to your booking you may do so, please reach out to us at 850-333-9400 to add. We can split payments between families if needed. For more than 6 children you may need 2 sitters. If there are more than 2 infants under 2 or an infant under 2 with other young children we may need to arrange a second sitter. When 2 sitters are present each sitter must be paid on her own Square Account and will be paid a full rate for half the number of children present. Terms and Conditions All minors under the age of 16 are considered children for booking purposes. If you have teenagers 13-15 that will be self-sufficient and do not need any care from the sitter we will ask that you sign a waiver releasing Premier Sitters of liability, Premier Sitters reserves the ability to deny a waiver at any time before or after it is signed and the waivers are considered on a case by case basis, including while the sitter is on the job. All children 12 and under are automatically the responsibility of any adult present and therefore must be included in your booking and payment. If a minor 16 or older is requiring care, Premier Sitters reserves the ability to charge for that minor as if they were a child as a part of the booking. We do not provide adult care services. Pets must be disclosed at the time of your booking, some Sitters have pet allergies or asthma that can be triggered by pet hair, dander, or saliva. If a pet is not disclosed prior to the sitter’s arrival there will be an additional non negotiable $25 fee and 20% gratuity will automatically be added. If the sitter is allergic to, has asthma, or a fear of the animal she may refuse service and the client will be charged for the full booking rate with a 20% gratuity added. 30A Babysitters Premier Sitters, LLC has a policy to not discipline children. If there are behavioral issues that cannot be addressed through positive reinforcement, distraction, or other non-disciplinary means we will reach out to the parents to ask for assistance up to and possibly including asking the parents to return home. The parents would still be responsible for paying for their agreed upon booking in full, and gratuity would be automatically added at 20%. 30A Babysitters have permission to begin recording audio or video if the sitter feels your child or children are causing issues that would require your discipline. We will not touch your child during these times unless they are about to harm themselves or another child. We may use our body to block a child without using hands, unless using our hands is the only way to prevent injury. We will ask you to return immediately if in this situation. We have a zero tolerance policy for child on child bullying or violence regardless of the reasons or relationships between children. In the event that any child assaults another child in anyway or verbally harasses another child, we will call the parents to come home. Parents will be charged the full rate of the booking with a 20% auto gratuity. If the child verbally harasses the sitter, the parents will be called to address the harassment. If the child assaults the sitter the parents will be required to come home and pay the full rate for the booking plus a 20% gratuity. We reserve the right to video children if we feel we need too. Tipping is greatly appreciated and the industry standard is to tip your sitter as you would a waiter at a restaurant 18-25% is customary but not required. Sitters are always very appreciative of any tip they receive. We can swim, bike, play outside, or do any activity you would like and the children are capable of. Please let your sitter know what activities would work for your family when she arrives. Our sitters bring Dum Dums with them to reward your children and help break the ice if needed for children with separation anxiety. We will also bring games, activities, crafts, music, or other items to facilitate fun. Over-time is considered anytime between 12:00 am and 2 am, the rates will be charged at time-and-a-half. After 2 am the rates will be double-over-time which would double the normal rates. Cancellations- if you need to cancel your booking you may do so up until 24 hours prior to booking. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged at 50% of agreed booking time. An invoice will be sent to client. If the client does not pay the invoice the sitter will not be canceled. We can work with families who need to rearrange their schedule in order to keep their booking. If you have a local doctor's note for one of the children or parent of the children we will waive the cancelation fee. We do not allow for poor weather as an exception to the 24 hour cancelation policy. Unless there are weather emergency alerts for the area that would make travel dangerous for sitter or clients. If we must cancel or rebook for the safety of the family and the sitter, there will be no penalty. If the sitter has weather emergency alerts for any part of her travel to the booking we may need to cancel, delay, rebook or schedule a different sitter. If Premier Sitters/30A babysitter must change your booked sitter we will make you aware as soon as possible of who the sitter will be. These instances are rare. Changing the sitter does not void your booking or the terms and conditions of your booking, including the 24 hour cancelation policy. Photos of the sitters can be seen on our website., LLC, 30A Babysitters and contracted sitters are not responsible or to be held liable for any damage that may happen to any item on the property or to the property itself. Swimming is to be done at your own risk. Premier Sitters, LLC and contracted sitters are Pediatric CPR Certified. Premier Sitters, LLC will assist children in swimming. Premier Sitters, LLC and contracted sitters will attempt to provide emergency care to our ability we will administer first aid and CPR to our ability and tools provided., LLC as a company and the contracted sitters are not responsible for injuries that occur to any children or any adults. Premier Sitters, LLC and contracted sitters provide CPR and First aid services only as good samaritans. Premier Sitters, LLC and contracted sitters are not liable for any injuries that occur during any activities, play, games, interactions between children, animals, or objects neither inside or outside the property where the booking is located. Premier Sitters, LLC and contracted sitters are not liable for any injuries that occur from eating or drinking. Premier Sitters, LLC or contracted sitters are not liable for accidental ingestion of any allergens. Premier Sitters, LLC are not liable for any allergic reactions to any substance, medication, consumable, topical application of any substance, plant, animal, or environmental allergen. Upon payment to Premier Sitters, LLC and/or the contracted sitter you agree that all children are accounted for, and in good health, you agree that Premier Sitters, LLC and the contracted sitter provided the services requested in a satisfactory way. By booking online you have agreed to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you may cancel your booking at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. If you do not cancel at least 24 hours prior to your booked time then all terms and conditions are legally binding. Warm wishes, Jennifer Preston Owner 30A Babysitters 850-333-9400

Contact Details

+ 850-333-9400

Panama City Beach 16819 Front Beach Road #1212, Panama City Beach, FL, USA

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